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  • What is an SSL certificate?

  • Cliona Malone

    13- 08 -2018

A SSL certificate or Secure Socket Layer ensures online users that they are making secure transactions online and that their payment details are always kept safe and secure. SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol used on the web for: Encrypting website data so data sent from the browser to the server and vice versa is protected including any....

  • New Website Design For Belfast Property Agency

  • Cliona Malone

    26- 09 -2018

Addley Property services have over 40 properties in the North Belfast area. Addley Property Services approached Carona Digital with the vision of a simple, clean and easy to navigate property website that they could use to publish information and images of current houses and apartments available for rent. The aim of the website was to save staff time sending information....