Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is changing, expanding and evolving into areas that can have a vital impact on your business, it’s sales and growing customer base. Without a digital marketing strategy you risk losing current and potential customers to your competitions.

Carona Digital can help you with the following services when it comes to getting your business found online:

Start a digital Presence

With the development in social media you no longer are required to have a website to sell your products and services online. Have your a facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest account for your business? Then you have already started a digital presence and your business is active online. If you think your business can benefit from a new website you can contact us and our web development team can help you set-up a website , SEO ready.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The success of a digital marketing strategy comes from a business’s ability to research and define its target audience. Once we define your target audience we decide where is best to reach them online and when. A digital marketing plan will set-out your businesses objectives for growing your presence online and detail what marketing activities we will use to grow your business based on the marketing research we have analysed. We will set our Key performance indicators and work towards achieving the best for your business

Digital Marketing Packages

Our packages are excellent for organisations who need additional resources for their marketing teams or those who don’t have a marketing department and wish to outsource all their digital marketing to an agency. We have many clients already benefiting from our outsourced Digital Marketing packages.

Booking a consultant will get you started with your Digital Marketing and we can discuss what your business needs and which package will work for you.

Monthly Marketing Meeting

Whether you decide to outsource all or just some of your digital marketing to Carona Digital, you will be kept informed of all work and results from a monthly marketing report. We believe the best customer relationships are ones where you can meet and speak to your account manager face to face. Our monthly meetings allow you to ask questions and discuss the success of your digital marketing campaign with your account manager who has been working on your campaigns and understands your business and it’s objectives.