Email Marketing is still a vital part of any business, with changes in the latest GDPR regulations, it’s vital more now than ever to manage a ​ regular email routine. E-mail marketing can lead to a boost in sales, ideal for businesses when you have new products or services to promote, or a newsletter with helpful information and advice.

Email will benefit a business what is B2B or B2C or that sells products or services. You just need to good campaign that will encourage sales, referrals & enquiries.

Carona Digital marketing experts can help you to build a strategic email campaign, starting with building you​ r email lists, online or in-store. Our training service has helped many business benefit from learning how to successfully design, send and monitor email marketing campaign, that is monitored so you can see results and that will help increase sales.

Contact us today to get your e-mail marketing campaigns started or for advice on how to collect a email database.