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  • How much time should I spend on marketing my website?

  • Cliona Malone

    15- 10 -2018

Carona Digital is a website design company based in Northern Ireland, set-up to help small business people with fresh new concepts and marketing solutions. The company started by offering marketing solution services to businesses that had websites designed but failed to receive a feasible demand of sales enquiries. There websites that are just ‘static’ and therefore have no benefit to companies actively seeking new sales.

Carona offered clients marketing solution services that would help small businesses get the most out of their website by using more efficiently and making suggestions on how they can build sales. A website should never be seen as a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’ for businesses.

If you provide a product or service that consumers or other business can use, then you can be certain your customers are searching for those products or services online. Unfortunately just having a website created will not go fair towards getting new sales. You must then use your website as a Marketing Platform and build your online SEO (Find out what SEO means and how to build SEO) in order to be found.

SEO can be expensive for businesses if don’t incorrectly, it’s true that seeing the results of your SEO can take some time. We recommend 15-20 weeks before you begin to see the impact on your new website, however, like many will tell you, we can assure you this is a very worthwhile marketing strategy and can be implemented and managed very easily. We recommend dedicating someone in your team to spend between 10-15 hours per week utilizing online strategies to boost your SEO and see the results in long term sale enquiries and online sales.

What should you do with your website for these 10-15 hours?

Every business marketing strategy is different therefore it is a difficult question to answer. There are so many online marketing tactics you could implement, choosing the right strategy and sticking with it however can put your website in the right direction.

For expert help in creating an online marketing plan of action for SEO, Carona Digital offer your business monthly consultancy packages or staff training and SEO development with a step by step written plan of actions to take, our plans are reviewed monthly and lead to a strengthen online marketing strategy with easy to monitor results.

See more of these services here.

If you have a marketing executive and a website, then it is vital that they have SEO Training and we recommend you add this to your annual training plans. SEO algorism’s change every year and what you may have been doing right in 2016 for your SEO is not going to be the same in 2017/ 2018.

SEO Marketing Training is available on-site with Carona Digital and monthly outsource SEO packages are available.


We recommend for new websites take 15-20 weeks dedication to achieve a strong online SEO and organic search.
Within this time frame we recommend 10-15 hours per week be spent on online marketing activities to achieve these results.
We know that each business aim and objective is different and study each business and its activities before selecting the right online marketing tactics to achieve greater SEO results and be found for your products and services online.

We recommend a plan of action

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss anything we have discussed in our latest blog, email us at info@caronadigital.co.uk

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