Carona Digital is fully certified to provide Digital Marketing Training to businesses. Our Training sessions are tailor made to meet the goal of your business. We provide one-to-one and training workshops for your employees, marketing department & management teams..

What Is Involved

Full-day and Half-Day Digital Marketing training sessions are available which will focus on the Digital Marketing area that is important to your business. Optional follow up review sessions to monitor and review the implementation and results of the digital marketing training.

Marketing Strategy Training

If you have a digital marketing team or have hired a graduate our Marketing strategy training is ideal for you. Our marketing team will create a marketing plan based on market research of your company and its target audience. Training will be provided based on the implementation and monitoring of the campaigns set-out in the marketing plan. An optional monthly review will allow us to monitor the success of the campaigns delivered by your team and allow for additional follow-up questions, overall the monthly review will look at the results from each campaign and success rate. The course is delivered over three half days at your business premises by Carona Digital.

Training in Getting Started

If you are a start-up or an established business new to digital marketing Carona Digital one-day startup training will help you get started with social media, SEO, website maintenance, content creative and analytics.

Get Your Digital Marketing Off to a Good Start

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