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  • What is an SSL certificate?

  • Cliona Malone

    13- 08 -2018

A SSL certificate or Secure Socket Layer ensures online users that they are making secure transactions online and that their payment details are always kept safe and secure.

SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol used on the web for:

  • Encrypting website data so data sent from the browser to the server and vice versa is protected including any payment details.
  • Authenticating our website so visitors know our identity has been verified.

This ensures our website cannot be hacked and details cannot be taken from it.

By investing in a SSL for your website you are reassuring online users that if they pay for a transaction on your website that your website:

  • Keep’s all transmitted sensitive data, such as user details and billing information completely safe.
  • You can accept and ensure secure logins and signups on our site that cannot be hacked.
  • You comply with privacy and security requirements.
  • That as a customer or guest you can trust our website with your personal and banking details.

My site is too small to be a target for online hackers and I don’t need an SSL Certificate?

Before quickly dismissing your site as “too small to be a target,” bear in mind that most interceptions are done electronically without a human deciding who is attacked. A web creepy crawly doesn’t care how big you are or what you do for a living. They have one goal, and that is to find vulnerabilities. Once discovered, its dirty work begins.

Does your website need an SSL certificate?

Do you plan to accept online payments from debit and credit cards online? Most of the merchant accounts now require you to use an SSL certificate. Some web hosting companies, have terms of service requiring websites to be secured with an SSL Certificate before accepting credit cards. Besides, would you really want to put your customers at risk of having their credit card information stolen while shopping on your site? The backlash for your brand and online reputation could be put in jeopardy.

It’s not exactly a great way to attract repeat business.

Some online store and shopping cart programs come with a built-in secure payment system. In these cases, a third party handles the credit cards or provides another method of paying online. If this applies, it’s possible that your small business might not need the added protection of an SSL for your checkout page.

There are other reasons, however, to add an SSL Certificate.

Protect password logins

A major reason you might want to add an SSL certificate to your website is if any of your pages are password protected. This includes WordPress or Joomla! or other database-driven sites with a login page for the administrator. If your website allows users to use a membership login, such as for a gym website taking online bookings, their information need to be kept secure under the data protection act.

Not all websites will require an SSL Certificate

This is true! Not everyone collects money online. However some websites collect information. These could be leads for potential home buyers. Or questionnaires about your client’s employment history. Or anything. If you are collecting even the most basic information such as name, address, phone number and email address, chances are your clients would not want that information leaked.

Without an SSL certificate, some types of form mail can be intercepted. Some code is more reliable than others. Do you want to take chances that yours is susceptible to hacking?

Probably not.

This is why securing your online forms with an SSL certificate is also a must. You wouldn’t do business with someone who skipped this step. Don’t give anyone this as a reason not to do business with you.


Google now make it very simple and easy for users to check if a website is secure or not. Users can now simply look for the Green Secure button or Lock symbol on the website homepage, here is an example of our clients website who recently added an SSL Certificate:

If you wish to find out more about secure online payments please contact Cliona at Carona Digital at info@caronadigital.co.uk.

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